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Students need access to blocked web sites? No problem…

Web Zones
Because our web filter, Lightspeed, either blocks or allows websites, it is not capable of providing discreet access to parts of websites. As a result, they provide Web Zones for teachers to “poke holes” in the content filter for students on a limited time basis.

This method is HIGHLY recommended as opposed to using teacher or staff credentials FOR a student (this provides the student unfiltered access for up to 8 hours).

Create a Web Zone
– Go to http://wam.plymouth.k12.in.us/zones/ and login.
– Once logged in, type a name for your zone, and click “Add Web Zone”.
– Give the zone a meaningful name and description, and click OK.
– Once the zone is created, you can go to the “Rules” sections add the URLs you want to be open (or closed).
– Add URLs as single domains, or patterns. Enter one item per line (ex: domain.com -or- *.domain.com/path/*)
DON’T use http:// or https:// in your URLs.

When you need the access, Activate the Zone, and have students Join the Zone
– Go back to http://wam.plymouth.k12.in.us/zones/ and login.
– Your zones should show up, and you can click the lightbulb next to them to turn them on/Activate.
– Then have students “Join” the zone.  They can go to http://wam.plymouth.k12.in.us/joinzone
– They can search for the zone you created.
– A list of all the Zones matching the name will show up. They should join the one for the activity being managed.
– Once they’ve requested access, you can go to your zone, and click “Accept Request”. Now they should have access to everything you added to your zone.
– At the end of the class/activity, you can Remove All Users or you can let the zone time out automatically.
– Keep in mind that Web Zones can act as a restricting tool as well…If you want to keep students on task with only a few select websites, you can use the checkbox to “Block all websites except those on the Allowed list”.


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